In the past, Babice was both Velké (Greater) and Malé (Lesser). The water moat of a fortification, which once stood northwest of Barchov, still remains visible. The locals refer to it as “Wolf’s” Castle. The owners of the fortress were the rulers of Babice, of which Mathew of Babice is the first to be mentioned in written records dating back to 1363-1375. In 1414, Zdislav of Kratonoh and the Pešíkov Brothers of Babice held ownership of Babice’s estate. During the Hussite wars, the settlement was rundown and was added to the Nechanice estate. Before 1541, it was transferred into the hands of the Pernštejns, who added it to the Chlumec estate. The urbary of Chlumec referred to the settlement as renewed in 1571.

The Neo-Romanesque church of St. Peter and Paul built in 1837-1843 on the site of a former wooden church, is a noteworthy historical monument in the municipality. The church tower extends to 46 m and serves as the focal point of the municipality.

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