coat of arms of the municipality Barchov


The municipality of Barchov (248 m. a.s.l.) is situated between Hradec Králové (20 km) and Nový Bydžov (8 km) on a regular bus route. The first written reference to the municipality Barchov dates back to 1398. Important milestones in the history of Barchov are the plundering of the chateau during the peasant rebellions in 1777, as described in the novel written by V. Kaplicky “Smršť” (Whirlwind), and the extensive blaze that broke out in the municipality in 1916. The oldest building in the municipality is the Baroque chateau built by Kryštof Norbert Voračický of Paběnice in 1737. Other monuments include the statues of St. Joseph, St. Francis Xavier and St. Jan of Nepomuk, and the brick belfry with a bell from 1777, found in the cadastre of the municipality.

In 2003-2009, the municipality built a multi-purpose sports facility and children’s playground with indoor space and halogen lighting, nearby the cultural house. A disco with a light show for hundreds of visitors is held in the municipality each Friday from May to September.

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