Loreta municipal museum

Městské muzeum Loreta

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Kozelkova 25/IV, 503 51 Chlumec nad Cidlinou

In place of the originally planned Piarist monastery arose Loreta, a Baroque pilgrimage site. In 1740 a sacred foundation was established at Loreta for the purpose of supporting the Capuchin monk whose responsibility it was to hold a daily requiem mass for the deceased members of the Kinský family. In 1786 the pilgrimage site was abolished and in 1805 the chapel was torn down so it wouldn’t interfere with the practical use of the building: Loreta also served as a hospital, a poorhouse, and later also as a dwelling unit. The building has been a museum since 2001.

Telephone: +420 608 705 051, +420 723 422 937
Email: loreta@chlumecnc.cz
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Category mansion / villa / palace, museum
Certificates and memberships Tourist stamp
Cultural monument, Member of the Museum and Gallery Association of the Czech Republic
Style baroque (100%)
Services barrier-free WC, Occasional concerts, sale of novelties and souvenirs, sale of tourist cards, sale of tourist stamps, space available for rent, WC, weddings and other celebrations
Staff languages Czech
Accepted forms of payment Czech korunas in cash
Date of construction 1717
Year of latest reconstruction 2000

Tours / exhibitions

Description A collection of farming equipment, the oldest history of the town, the history of the water castle in Chlumec nad Cidlinou, a sharpshooter’s exhibit, “They ended up like peasants at Chlumec” – a reference to the peasant uprising in 1775, a rustic room, civic interior from the 19th century, guilds and crafts, sports and the Sokol organization in Chlumec, the school system, famous natives.
Foreign languages printed guide (Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish), descriptions (Czech)
Exhibition specialization food industry / agriculture / farming / breeding, military / weapons / fortification, regional history, sport


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