Charles' Crown

Karlova Koruna

upozorněníIn connection with a government order, it is possible that the building has interrupted or limited providing services. Find out about the current situation with the operator.
Pražská 1, 503 51 Chlumec nad Cidlinou


Services and equipment provided stewarding service
Maximum congress (reception) capacity of the biggest hall or connected halls 250 theatre (Sloupový sál) - reception
Capacity of individual halls and lounges
Total capacity for a maximum of 700 persons
number of halls and lounges: 10
Date of construction 1721-1723

Congress rooms

A (Columned hall)

capacity "Theatre" 250

B (Marble hall)

capacity "Theatre" 250

C (Lounge)

capacity "Theatre" 25

D (Lounge)

capacity "Theatre" 25

E (Lounge)

capacity "Theatre" 25

F (Lounge)

capacity "Theatre" 25

G (Lounge)

capacity "Theatre" 25

H (Lounge)

capacity "Theatre" 25

I (Orangery)

capacity "Theatre" 50

J (Castle chapel)


Distance from parking lot 0 m (own)
  • capacity personal: 50, free
  • capacity coaches: 5, free
Bus/tram stop 1 km
The nearest train stations
Nearest bus stop
The nearest airport
  • Pardubice (26 km)
  • Mnichovo Hradiště (53 km)
  • Václav Havel Aiport (85 km)
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