Common Cidlina Region

The Common Cidlina (Společná Cidlina) Region is created from two groups of municipalities – the Nový Bydžov and Cidlina micro-region, and non-integrated municipalities Klamoš and Olešnice. Both micro-regions are joined by the Cidlina River, according to which the joint region was named. The Společná Cidlina Region is found on a 313.4 km2 flat plain of East Bohemia in the southwest part of the Hradec Kralove Region, in the surroundings of the cities Chlumec nad Cidlinou and Nový Bydžov. There are a total of 36 municipalities within the territory of Společná Cidlina, of which 2 are typical rural centre towns, which fulfil the function of natural centres of the region. 

Events calendar

(Šípková Růženka)

Jirásek Theatre (Nový Bydžov)
11/28/2021 16:00

(4 tenoři - novoroční koncert)

Jirásek Theatre (Nový Bydžov)
12/9/2021 19:00

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