coat of arms of the municipality Humburky


The first reference to the municipality is from 1359, even though findings from furnaces at the time describe settlement already in earlier times of the Stone Age. The name of the municipality is most likely derived from the German name “Homburk” (on a high castle). A medieval fortress once stood here in the past. At the beginning of the 17th century, Humburky was divided into two parts: the first part including the fortress was owned by Adam Kašpar Vančura of Řehnice from 1615 to 1627, and at that time, the second part with the farmstead was in the ownership of the Vratislavs of Mitrovice. After that, ownership often changed hands. Several decades later, the Richters bought Humburky. In 1867, Ferdinand Richter, who later on became a nobleman of Burgbrücken, built a new chateau on the site of the original Baroque one in Humburky.

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