coat of arms of the municipality Klamoš


The municipality Klamoš is situated in the southern part of the Hradec Králové Region. The municipality is divided up into two local parts Klamoš and Štít. The oldest written reference to the municipality dates back to 1356 and is found in Church books, which are deposited in the Prague Castle Archives. The oldest monument in the municipality is the Peace Rock from 1713. Another noteworthy monument is the Calvary, raised by the inhabitants of Klamoš in celebration of the end to corvee in 1952.

Two legends are connected to Klamoš, which are elaborated in writing by the Chlumec teacher Mr. Václav Horyn. The first legend “Klamoš linden tree” tells about an almost 500 year old linden tree, the oldest monumental tree far and wide. The second legend “Klamoš fortress” takes us back into the 14th century and describes the origin of the name Klamoš.

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