coat of arms of the municipality Lovčice


Historical records of Lovčice date back to 1299, when the village belonged to the Hradišťsky and Žiželicky estate. A wooden fortress once stood in the village, which was connected to the brothers Heník and Přibik of Jikev. The fortress stood on a slight mound, which is referred to as “na Pekelnici” (on hell), which is proven by the remains of the foundation and various objects that were discovered here. The fortress was protected by ponds and perhaps even swamps, which extended around the fortress. The last known owner of Lovčice was Bohuněk of Stránovice in 1484. After him, a part of the municipality fell to the Slibovicky estate and another to the Chlumec estate. The fortress served its purpose, was abandoned and rundown for good. On 25th July 1697, the village, farmstead and church were connected to the Chlumec estate of the Kinsky family.

The main focal point of the village is the church of St. Bartholomew, which was entered into the state list of cultural monuments that are immovable assets.

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