coat of arms of the municipality Lužec nad Cidlinou

Lužec nad Cidlinou

The first written reference to the municipality is from 1325, when the ruler Slavibor of Lužec was mentioned. Other noteworthy owners were the Lords of Landstein, Postupim, Pernštejn and the Kinsky family. Until the present, the municipality remains connected to medieval times due to the layout of the so-called field villages. Everyone’s attention is captured by the straight central road with spacious surroundings. This arrangement is the work of the mayor from the end of the 19th century.

Lužec was and is a purely agricultural municipality. The clear focal point of the municipality is formed by the building of the church of St. George from 1872. In the shade of the trees stands a monument dedicated to the victims of Word War I (1928), a monument to Jan Hus (1931), the chapel of the Virgin Mary, a statue of St. Linhart, which the Lužec rector at the time, Josef Pařízek, received from Countess Anežka Kinsky in 1845. The statue has been proposed as a cultural monument. Originally the statue stood in the monastery gardens of Chlumec’s “Loreta.“

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