Spending free time in nature brings visitors a lot of pleasant moments and experiences. The Společná Cidlina Region is mainly characterised by the flora of the oak-hornbeam, which in terms of development arose from original mixed oak forests that moved to Central Europe in the Ice Ages. They are moderately wet forests, with densely growing shrub growth.

The main river of the entire region is the Cidlina River. The amount of water that flows along the Cidlina, is rather small mainly thanks to the smaller amount of precipitation and relatively low forested surface at the expense of developed agriculture. Even owing to the fact that it concerns an agricultural region, the natural wonders of our region remain untouched.

Visitors to the local region should definitely visit the Bludy Nature Reserve, which is a significant area of xerophilous flora, or visit the natural monument Pamětník, which is created from a manmade wetland with extensive flora and fauna. It is also recommended to take a walk along the local nature trail Les Chlum and its surroundings, which leads to the corners of the Chlum forest, to the former sandpit with a small pond and primarily familiarises visitors with the local flora and history of this area.

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Nature monuments and reservations Nature monuments and reservations. (total: 1)
Pamětník - natural sight. Pamětník - natural sight

Manmade wetlands with an extensive variety flora and fauna

Address: Chlumec nad Cidlinou
Parks Parks. (total: 1)
Chotělice Chateau. Chotělice Chateau

Count Mensdorf's spacious chateau - Pouilly with a park

Address: č.p. 89, Smidary, Chotělice
Monument zones and reservations Monument zones and reservations. (total: 3)
Libeň - village monument zone. Libeň - village monument zone
Address: Libeň
Nový Bydžov - town monument zone. Nový Bydžov - town monument zone
Address: Nový Bydžov
Vysočany - village monument zone. Vysočany - village monument zone
Address: Nový Bydžov, Vysočany
Education trails Education trails. (total: 3)
Educational Spa Trail. Educational Spa Trail

This educational trail contains 10 information panels, primarily concerning the flora and history of this locality. The route also leads to the corner of the Chlum forest, to the former gravel pit and lake.

Address: Nový Bydžov
Fairytale path through the park of Karlova Koruna Chateau - educational trail. Fairytale path through the park of Karlova Koruna Chateau - educational trail

The path consists of two circuits. The Fairies circuit is 645 m long, it is marked in purple and has 8 stations. The Ghouls and Goblins circuit is 1,000 m long, is marked in green and along the way you will encounter 11 stations. At the ticket office of the chateau, visitors can purchase a "Fairytale guide" to perform fairytale tasks.

Address: Chlumec nad Cidlinou
Nový Bydžov hiking trail. Nový Bydžov hiking trail

The trail on two routes (blue an red) familiarises visitors with the history of the city, its points of interest and historical monuments.

Address: Nový Bydžov
Memorial trees and groups of trees Memorial trees and groups of trees. (total: 3)
Klamoš linden tree - memorial tree. Klamoš linden tree - memorial tree
Address: Klamoš
(Lužní lesy Luhy)
Address: Chlumec nad Cidlinou
(Vojtěchův dub). (Vojtěchův dub)
Address: Skřivany
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