Nové Město

The record entered by Vilém Kostky of Postupice from 1545 connects Nové Město to the castle of Chlumec as its periphery. Following the Thirty Years War, the municipality moved from its original location on the hilltop to the east. During the peasant rebellion in 1775, rioters joined forces on the hill Skalka, in order to attack the authorities of Chlumec. They succumbed to the dragoons due to lack of experience and deceit.

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Jirásek Theatre (Nový Bydžov)
3/19/2021 19:00

(Tři malá prasátka)

Jirásek Theatre (Nový Bydžov)
3/21/2021 16:00

(Travesti revue Techtle Mechtle a Kočky)

Jirásek Theatre (Nový Bydžov)
3/23/2021 19:00

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