coat of arms of the municipality Sloupno


The municipality has an extensive history from the Stone Ages. The first written mention dates back to 1278, when the first fortress was built here. In 1687, the Břevnov Benedictine Monastery purchased a Renaissance fortress here, which they had rebuilt into a summer residence for the Benedictines according to the plans of architect Kilián Ignác Dientzenhofer, who liked to stay here. In 1748, the chateau was reconstructed into a valuable Baroque residence. The most famous citizen of Sloupna was the pomologist (fruit grower) Josef Eduardo Proche, who is buried in the local cemetery.

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Masarykovo náměstí (Nový Bydžov)
12/9/2020 18:00 - 19:00

(Kantoři - vánoční koncert)

Jirásek Theatre (Nový Bydžov)
12/13/2020 17:00

(V listí - vernisáž výstavy)

Jirásek Theatre (Nový Bydžov)
12/15/2020 18:15

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