coat of arms of the municipality Smidary


The first written mention of Smidary dates back to the 13th century, when we find it located on the junction of the Cidlina and Javorka River, 6 km away from Nový Bydžov. Here we can admire numerous historical monuments, which include the Baroque statue of St. Jan of Nepomuk, St. Wenceslas and the Marian Column from 1718, the Empire chateau from 1825 and the town hall with the town’s coat of arms on the frontispiece, built in 1826. The church of St. Stanislav is a focal point for the extensive surroundings. Another significant historical monument is the wooden church of St. George in Loučná Hora from the first half of the 14th century and the chateau Chotělice that belonged to Count Mensdorf Pouilly, built in the last century. A unique monument of technical architecture is Smidary’s ice house at Podhrad mill.

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