Stará Voda

In 1369 a wooden fortress stood in the municipality, of which the only thing that has remained preserved to the present is the local name Na Parkánech. Local lairds sold the municipality under the Přestavlky estate, with which the municipality shared its history for 200 years. At the time, the authorities of Přestavlky built the Gothic church of St. Vaclav with a parish. In the 16th century, the Přestavlky estate became a part of the property of the Lords of Pernštejn family and the municipality Stará Voda belonged to the Chlumec nad Cidlinou estate. After the Thirty Years War, only one-third of the original habitations remained in the municipality. In 1775, the local serfs joined in the peasant rebellion and went to Chlumec with the rioting farmers, where they were defeated.

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