Starý Bydžov

The territory of Starý Bydžov was already inhabited in primeval times. The culture of bell-shaped cups has been preserved from the late Stone Age and rare mass findings from the Unětice culture date back to the earlier times of the Bronze Age. The first written record of Starý Bydžov is stated in the Deed of Czech Prince Bedřich dated 23.4.1186 in two variations: “Butsou” and “Buitsov”. The exceptional position of Starý Bydžov is demonstrated also by the original Romanesque church consecrated to St. Prokop, built in the first half of the 13th century with a large bell referred to as the “Pražan,” cast in 1587. The timbered smith’s shop from 1774 was transferred to the Museum of Villages in Kuřim in 1976.

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