The north part of the municipality is formed by a hillside, on which grapevines were cultivated long ago and wine was also made here. This is where the name of the municipality comes from (“vino” is Czech for wine). Settlement of the municipality in primeval times is proven by the numerous findings of stone axes, earthenware, amber jewellery and fire pits, most probably from the 4th century. The first written record of the municipality was already in 1313. The village square of Vinary is dominated by a pond with a statue of the Virgin Mary from 1893. There is a stone cross with a statue of the crucified from 1751 on the other side of the square. There is a statue of St. Donat (renovated in 2011) behind the municipality.

Since 1961, Vinary have been a central municipality, which also includes Janovice, Kozojídky and Smidarská Lhota. Each municipality has its own history. Janovice boast numerous archaeological findings, which are placed in the museum in Nový Bydžov. Moreover, there are statues here of St. Rosalie, St. Roche and a sculptural group of St. Sebastian from 1732. Jan Obešlo was born in Kozojídky, who represented Czech aviation at several stunt shows abroad from 1913. The municipality is home to a statue of the Virgin Mary and a Cultural House, which serves all four municipalities. There is a chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows, built in 1875, in Smidarska Lhota. There is a statue of the Crucified Christ bearing the year 1803 and a monument to victims of World War I from 1922, in the village square. Behind the municipality stands the statue of St. Vincent from 1732 and a monument to the victims of World War II. Certain monuments of the joint municipalities are accompanied by old myths and legends.

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