Archaeological findings from the Bronze Ages were discovered in the cadastre of the municipality Zachrašťany. The first written record of the municipality dates back to 1297. The municipality was established on the site of an old fortress, which was conquered and torn down in 1425. It belonged to the lairds the Buzkovs, Všeslavs and Křišťans of Zachrašťany. According to the Rožmberk archives from 1299, it was the Lapkovs who incurred great damages to the Hradisko Lord Dětřich of Třebelovice. The Lords of Zachrašťany held the estate until 1432, when they sold it to Jan of Laboun. In 1520, Vilém of Pernštejn purchased Zachrašťany and added it to the Nový Bydžov estate. In 1569, the town of Nový Bydžov bought Zachrašťany, which remained in its ownership until 1848.

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